Collaborative Creation Experience

Project-Inc. is designed as an inclusive umbrella for the many disciplines of the Arts. Dance performance acts as the primary service and focus of the company but providing a space for artists to connect and collaborate through all mediums of Art remains its driving ethos. A place to share and showcase new voices and visions, where each collaborator is invited to contribute towards a recipe created by all, for all.

The choreographic practice of Project-Inc. generates a movement vocabulary that is structured utilizing knowledge and experience of the codified dance techniques, classical ballet and modern dance as its platform. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on the exploration of the development of a choreographic voice, consisting of both gestural and contemporary language.

We, as human beings, face many challenges in the society we live in today. The one thing that remains true is that art is healing. It is a necessary part of our existence. Each person has a unique and individual genetic make-up that offers creativity to the world. Project-Inc. gives a platform for these connections to be formed and correlations to be discovered.

Art, Undeniably, is conductive to happiness.

Project-Inc. is a place where we can push the envelope. Try new things. It is not a place for judgement because there is no right or wrong. The mission is to explore, create and share. The reality is creating art has no error. Project-Inc. aims to continue a process of uninhibited and unapologetic exploration.

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Engage. Explore. Experience.

(Photo by: Yuval Moyal)